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10 common high-heel problems solved by wearing women’s elevated shoes. Part 1

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Heels, cross and delight of the ladies’ fashion: a known struggle which had always parted women in two groups.

What is surprising is that the well-known fashion and trend magazine Vanity Fair has started a war on heels, publishing an article listing all the reasons why heels would be a torment. “High heels flatter and make your legs look less chubby, but sometimes they are also a torture that you wouldn’t expect in the Middle Ages,” writes author Simona Marchetti. She surely can’t help but admit the benefit to height and silhouette conferred by heels, while recounting all the problematic scenarios well known to those who love stilettos, in a long article full of irony.

But everyday alternatives to high-heels do exist: they are called elevator shoes. The reasons for preferring elevated shoes over high heels are more than convincing and we will share a few examples with you. With the help of Simona Marchetti’s article, we will go over the most common problems ladies with high heels experience, explaining why those problems won’t happen while wearing GuidoMaggi women’s elevated shoes.       

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The problems of high heels you can say goodbye to thanks to GuidoMaggi footwear

1. You won’t need any spare ballet flats

When you’re wearing heels, you have to think about bringing flats with you. Worse is when you’re over-optimistic and don’t bring a spare. “Everything will be fine” is what you keep telling yourself when the pain starts to get excruciating, suggests Marchetti. In fact, British research has calculated that standing for just 1 hour and 6 minutes in high heels is enough to start the suffering. Raised shoes, on the other hand, although they increase the height up to 12 centimeters just like heels, rest the body on a much higher surface, not creating problems of balance and therefore pain in the lower extremities.

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2. You won’t have to suffer every day to look taller

“You’re at work and your feet start hurting like hell and you end up walking like a child playing dressed up (i.e., all strutting around like you have a broom in your back).” Marchetti makes us smile, but the proposed scenario is real and very common: according to research published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, wearing high-heeled shoes for prolonged periods of time can cause shortening of muscle fibers and thickening of the Achilles tendon. In short, that painful walk at the end of the day, typical of women who wear heels, should be a wake-up call to avoid more serious problems in the future. With a pair of quality elevated shoes like the GuidoMaggi, tested by medical specialists, patented, and safe, you can get to the end of the day without suffering.

3. The rise never leaves you

“Suddenly and for no reason the heel drops off you and comes off the shoe.” The scene described here has happened to many women wearing high heels. With elevated footwear, however, it can never happen.

4. The rise never gets entangled

“The heel gets caught in the metal grating of the steps and you don’t know how to get free without looking ridiculous or, worse, losing shoe, foot or both.” This is also a well-known scenario either experienced yourself or seen at least once in real life. We repeat ourselves here:  With elevated footwear, however, this can never happen.

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5. You no longer have to give up comfort for beauty

“You’re on the fence between ballet flats and heels: the former is comfortable and reassuring, but with the latter, you feel like a knockout.” Who has never had this dilemma, flats or heels? A difficult choice because with the former, comfort increases at the expense of height and style, while with the latter you often give up comfort in favor of a decidedly more feminine and sexier look. Raised shoes, however, are the real answer to this dilemma, because they allow you not having to give up on any of the points mentioned: comfortable as flats but able to increase the height of the desired inches and slender the silhouette just like heels.

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