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No one will ever notice you wear elevated shoes

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The first question you might ask yourself when buying your first pair of height-increasing shoes: 
“Will anyone notice?”

This fear that someone might notice may stop anybody from buying a pair of elevated shoes. When you realize that this will not be the case, the only regret will be not buying them much sooner.

herrenstiefel made in italy

When you decide to increase your height with the help of elevated shoes, several factors come into play. You need shoe models that actually fit your look, but most importantly, you need a model that looks completely discreet – because, at the end of the day, the whole point of these shoes is to gain height in a low-key fashion.

There are many different styles and height variations, such as 15 cm boots (Hong Kong). or 10 cm sneakers. You might like a pair of 12.5 cm (Shanghai) or a pair of 10 cm boots (Ischia) after all. You need some time to get used to the new height. So, if you are rather on the shorter side of the spectrum, better start with a height increase of 7 to 8 cm.

Hong Kong Herrenstiefel mit absatz guidomaggi
Hong Kong

What height should you choose for your elevator shoes

Almost any pair of shoes will provide additional elevation, but even the most observant person will not notice such small differences in height. Some of the “chunky” sneakers from Nike or even an everyday pair of lace-up shoes can give you up to 5 cm of height. Also, no one really seems to care about your height when you slip into a pair of Timberlands, even though you will already be several inches taller. With women’s shoes

however, there are very big height differences – women often change quickly from 15 cm high heels to flat ballerinas – varying from day to day

If you are wondering what height is not yet apparent, we can say with certainty that an increase of +8cm is a very safe starting point to begin your journey with Guidomaggi shoes.

Elevator shoes in everyday life

If you want to combine your Guidomaggi shoes with a more ordinary style, then, as just mentioned, an increase of 8 cm is the easiest choice: this increase will allow you to walk easily and naturally, and to take off your shoes in front of others without giving the impression that you have somehow just lost a lot of height. After all, you want this to be unnoticeable, even when you take your shoes off.

Raised shoes for a casual look

Someone who wears jeans or casual wear to work can often aim much higher in terms of sole than someone who works in an office, where more formal shoes are often mandatory. The key here is to be mindful of what outfit you need to pair with your shoes. 12 or 15 cm would probably be too much with a suit, unless the combination of chunky boots and suits becomes a trend.
The 10 cm Ischia could be a great option if you want to wear something dressier, like a suit with it, as this model has a fairly flat sole.
If you are a jeans fan, you can wear skinny jeans, but for real confidence we recommend boot cut and narrow

ischia herrenstiefel made in italy

Different approaches for different sizes:

  • Up to 170 cm height: choose a shoe with a raise of 8 cm.
  • Up to 180 cm: you could opt for a heel height of 10 cm.
  • Above 180 cm: you can freely increase the sole by 10 cm, 11 cm or even up to 15 cm for an evening.

It’s really easy to make sure you don’t get caught. We get a lot of testimonials and no one seems to have any problems with others noticing the elevation. Of course, some people will tell you that others might notice if you are wearing elevated shoes or boots and they just don’t bring it up openly – but the reality is that if people really do know, there will be at least one who will point it out.

Once you find your style and test the limits and try the range in which you can vary the increase, everything will be just fine.

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