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Why buy Elevators?

grey height increasing boots - Guidomaggi Switzerland

This is a question I often hear – “why spend money on elevator shoes when I can buy cheap insoles and put them in my shoes?”

In fact, this is exactly what I had thought myself for many years until I finally discovered elevated shoes from GudioMaggi that looked like normal shoes and boots. Shoes which I would actually wear.

For the first time in my life, I wanted to appear taller when I was working in a club in my late teens. One night 3 huge men came in and the way they seemed to control the whole scene with their appearance made me want to be taller. That was over 15 years ago already. I started stuffing things into my shoes, like socks or cardboard (yikes!) so I could get the size of these gentlemen and a piece of that control right away. It was very uncomfortable, but at the same time felt good, because now I had become a few centimeters bigger.

Over the years, I kept looking for the appropriate rise, but everything I found at the time was just total garbage: all very old-fashioned and outdated, and also with little increase. In addition, they did not fit at all with jeans, which I was wearing at the time. I had wished that the everyday shoes that I had seen on other guys, and that I had always gazed at with admiration, had also been possible with elevation: I wanted such fashionable shoes for myself too, and not some frumpy stuff.

At some point, the new trend came with the wide pants and offered me a rather unusual, but effective solution: the pants came down to the floor and hid my shoes, this was now the perfect opportunity! I bought a pair of boots, too big for me, so that I had enough space to stuff them; meanwhile, not with socks, but with lift kits created specifically for this case. So, I managed to be up to 7 cm taller! I would say that this 7 cm was really the maximum limit and I would never have achieved more in this way. As always, fashion changes quickly and so my next problem was not only that my shoes were extremely uncomfortable, but that the wide pants were quickly “out” again and I arrived back where I started my journey: looking for a solution that would allow me to be taller without having to give up my comfort and style.

This time I looked again on the Internet and came across the brand GuidoMaggi, which at the time had changed the market for elevated shoes – and my life. I was thrilled. The models looked stylish, and more importantly, they looked like normal boots without elevation: boots for the office or for the evening out. Many sizes, many colors. Then I asked myself the questions: what is important to me? What do I want to achieve? Can I afford such shoes? I worked hard and had a good salary; however, I was never the type to spend so much money on shoes. But I did and I never once regretted it: in the end, I did buy a pair of GudioMaggi Shanghai Boots with the 13-cm rise. Today I would advise against starting right away with this height, but for me the transition was a little easier because of the lift kits I was wearing at the time.

Besides style, something else was even more important to me: comfort. OMG – were these boots comfortable! From time to time I still wear lift kits when I want to flexibly raise some of my shoes, but they are never as comfortable or do not have the same effect as GuidoMaggi shoes, of which you can find quite a few different styles: I personally found very many that work for me.

What I want to say with my story is, lift kits or elevated insoles are handy if you want to test how it feels to be taller. However, if you like the discreet way of gaining a few centimeters in size, at some point you will have to switch to elevated shoes, because they are much more stylish and, in any case, much more comfortable. I would even go so far as to say that elevation through footwear is kind of a science and you shouldn’t just put anything in your shoes. Sure, you don’t notice lift kits, but they’re not comfortable. Elevated shoes, which were created specifically for the reason of increasing your height, do it in a natural way. With GudioMaggi you gain height, style and comfort – so simple!

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