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10 common high-heel problems solved by wearing women’s elevated shoes. Part 2

Stiefel für Damen Schuhe die grösser machen Guidomaggi

Recently, the famous women’s magazine Vanity Fair had fun writing an article in which they tell us about all the problematic scenarios well known to the lovers of stilettos. We want you to know that other alternatives than ballerinas do exist, and these are raised shoes for women.

There are countless reasons to prefer shoes with a heel rise over high heels. We will explain them to you by taking our cue from Simona Marchetti’s article, pointing out the most common problems for women wearing heels. We will also contemplate why the same problem will not occur when wearing GuidoMaggi women’s raised shoes. In this post, we addressed the first five, and below we point out as many.

Women: 10 heel shoe problems you will never have with elevated shoes

6. You will no longer have to put on your shoes only at the time of going out

Most of us unaccustomed to heels must have already experienced the scene described by Marchetti: “you’re so happy to wear those oversized heels that you put them on right away in the house. And so, you play out a good 20 minutes of enduring the same once you’re out the door.” Veterans of high heels, on the other hand, know that a pair of heels should only be worn in the moment before going out, to extend the duration of endurance

However, with a pair of raised shoes, even those with a high rise of 12 cm, walking is always easy and comfortable, the rise does not cause problems with balance or even worse, pain in the feet. For this reason, you can wear a pair of women’s lifted shoes long before going out: Be it so you start feeling tall and beautiful already while you give the last touches to make-up or while waiting for your date. That is good for your self-esteem and charm, too!

Camouflage sneakers 2
Takeshita Street - up to +8 cm

7. You won’t have to learn how to walk again

“Your heels are so high that you look like someone who has never walked in her life”: according to Marchetti, this is common to all those women who insist on walking in heels even if they are too high and despite not being used to them. The effect of a baby walking for the first time will never look good on a grown woman, even if she is wearing fabulous stilettos. The decisive element to be charming is self-confidence and an elegant and decisive gait. All things easily achievable with a pair of raised shoes for women. With the internal rise you can both increase your stature and have a fluid and graceful gait, because walking with raised shoes is almost as easy as with a pair of flat shoes.

8. You won't have to calculate your every move and you'll always feel at ease

“You’re not moving, and yet – who knows how – you still end up falling to the ground, because you forget that a body on heels can collapse at any time and without warning.” With unerring irony, the Vanity Fair journalist frames a simple implication of everyday struggles due to high heels: In certain situations, especially for women who are not used to heels, one doesn’t feel comfortable walking, but not even standing, because the stiletto always forces an unsteady balancing motion. With women’s raised shoes, this will no longer happen, and you can finally combine the desire to be taller with the aesthetics of feeling comfortable with every step.

Vienna Schnürer für Damen die grösser machen
Vienna - up to +8 cm

9. Don’t risk the health of your ankles

A funny walk is not the only risk of wearing high heels with 12cm: the other possible consequence is a sprained ankle. The risk is manageable if you wear stilettos only on elegant evenings when you might stand briefly but remain seated for the majority of the time. It becomes rather risky if you decide to wear them in everyday life as well. However, with the tested and patented GuidoMaggi elevated shoes, you will not have balance problems even if you have to run after the bus!

10. You won't have to surrender to ballet flats

There are women who sacrifice comfort for beauty and wear heels forever. However, many others realize at some point in their lives that “high heels are not shoes, but cruel freaks of nature, sold as shoes,” Marchetti writes. The normal consequence of this realization is the shift to flat shoes, which many consider the only alternative. But flat shoes are not figure-hugging. Add to this the fact that, according to many doctors, walking in flat shoes can cause postural problems and foot deformities (because they stretch the tendon muscles), and you begin to understand that the real alternative to high heels is not flat shoes, but elevated shoes that can give the body those extra inches while protecting the health of the feet and back.

Mädchen mit Lederstiefel italienisches Leder Guidomaggi
Carnaby - up to +8 cm

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